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Gymnosperms and Angiosperms MCQ Practice Sheet 8


1. Excurrent habit of Pinus is a device for

(a)    Adaptation for wind pollination

(b)    Efficient water transport

(c)    Overcoming competition amongst adjacent trees

(d)    Measuring stem growth


2. Pollen grain wings of Pinus are outgrowths of

(a)    Intine    

(b)    Exine

(c)    Seed wall    

(d)    Sporangial wall


3. Sago of Cycas is given to patients with stomach disorders because it is

(a)    Cheap

(b)    Easily digestible with less starch

(c)    Tastier

(d)    With high nutritive value


4. Which is intermediate between Conifers and Cycads?

(a)    Tsuga    

(b)    Ephedra

(c)    Ginkgo    

(d)    Cupressus


5. Which is incorrect about Cycas?

(a)    Its xylem has vessels

(b)    It has Circinate vernation

(c)    It does not have well organized female flowers

(d)    Its roots possess some blue green algae


6. A plant that produces spores, has vascular tissues and bears seeds without fruits belongs to a group called,

(a)    Bryophytes    

(b)    Pteridophytes

(c)    Gymnosperms    

(d)    Angiosperms


7. Anti cancer drug is obtained from—

(a)    Taxus    

(b)    Abies

(c)    Juniperus    

(d)    Cedrus


8. Male cone of Pinus possesses

(a)    Megasporophylls    

(b)    Microsporophylls

(c)    Anthers    

(d)    Ligules


9. The species of Pinus, seeds of which are edible as Chilgoja comes from

(a)    P. roxburghii    

(b)    P. gerardiana

(c)    P. monophylla    

(d)    P. sylvestris


10. Resin glands are present in

(a)    Cycas    

(b)    Pinus

(c)    Ephedra    

(d)    Gnetum


11. Find out the dissimilarity between gymnosperms and angiosperms

(a)    Presence of ovule

(b)    Wind pollination

(c)    Dominent sporophyte

(d)    Pericarp


12. ‘Sago’ comes from

(a)    Lagenaria vulgaris    

(b)    Cycas rumphii

(c)    Areca catechu    

(d)    Phoenix dactylifera


13. Which one of the following has not changed for the last several thousand years?

(a)    Dryopteris    

(b)    Gnetum

(c)    Ginkgo    

(d)    Palms


14. Coralloid roots of Cycas are

(a)    Negatively geotropic

(b)    Positively geotropic

(c)    Positively phototropic

(d)    Negatively phototropic


15. Pinus possesses

(a)    Winged pollen    

(b)    Winged seeds

(c)    Coralloid roots    

(d)    Both (a) and (b)


16. A medicine for respiratory disorders is obtained from

(a)    Cannabis    

(b)    Ephedra

(c)    Saccharum    

(d)    Eucalyptus


17. Seed of Pinus contains

(a)    Parent sporophyte in the form of perisperm

(b)    Endosperm as gametophyte

(c)    Embryo as future sporophyte

(d)    All of the above


18. Megasporophyll of Cycas is homologous to

(a)    Carpel    

(b)    Stamen

(c)    Petal    

(d)    Sepal


19. Siphonogamy is a typical mode of pollination in

(a)    Gymnosperms    

(b)    Angiosperms

(c)    Pteridophyte    

(d)    Both (a) and (b)


20. In Pinus pollination is affected by

(a)    Water    

(b)    Insects

(c)    Wind    

(d)    Birds


Answer Keys for Gymnosperms and Angiosperms MCQ Practice Sheet 8

1.    a    2.    b    3.    b    4.    c    

5.    a    6.    c    7.    a    8.    b    

9.    b    10.    b    11.    d    12.    b    

13.    c    14.    a    15.    d    16.    b    

17.    d    18.    a    19.    d    20.    c

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