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Gymnosperms and Angiosperms MCQ Practice Sheet 7


1. “Pond Silk” is common name of

(a)    Ulothrix    

(b)    Spirogyra

(c)    Selaginella    

(d)    Chlorella


2. Frog Spawn Alga is

(a)    Batrachospermum    

(b)    Chlamydomonas

(c)    Fucus    

(d)    Gelidium


3. Sea Lettuce is

(a)    Laminaria    

(b)    Chlorella

(c)    Sargassum    

(d)    Ulva


4. Number of ovules present over megasporophyll of Cyas is

(a)    1 – 2    

(b)    2 – 12

(c)    12 – 24    

(d)    24 – 48


5. Angiosperms have dominated the land flora primarily by their

(a)    Power of adaptability to diverse habitats

(b)    Nature of pollination

(c)    Domestication by humans

(d)    Large number seeds


6. Which one propagates through leaf tip

(a)    Marchantia    

(b)    Moss

(c)    Walking fern    

(d)    Pinus


7. Meiosis occurs in Pteridophytes during

(a)    Gamete formation

(b)    Spore formation

(c)    Postgamete formation

(d)    Postspore formation


8. Largest unicellular organism is

(a)    Yeast    

(b)    Acetabularia

(c)    Planaria    

(d)    Volvox


9. Ferns are the first to appear after a forest fire because of the survival of their

(a)    Spores    

(b)    Fronds

(c)    Rhizome    

(d)    Both (b) and (c)


10. In Bryophytes, the adult plant body is

(a)    Epiphyte    

(b)    Sporophyte

(c)    Gametophyte    

(d)    Sporophyll


11. Given below are assertion and reason. Point out of

Assertion: Red algae contribute in producing coral reefs,

Reasons: Some red algae secrete and deposit calcium carbonate over their walls


(a)    both are true with reason being correct explanation

(b)     both true but reason is not correct explanation

(c)     assertion true but reason is wrong

(d)     both are wrong (d)


12. Mycorrhiza promotes plant growth by

(a)    Absorbing inorganic ions from soil

(b)    Serving as plant growth regulator

(c)    Protecting plant from infection

(d)    Helping plant is using atmospheric nitrogen


13. A bryophyte which harbours a nitrogen fixing blue green alga in its thallus is

(a)    Riccia    

(b)    Anthoceros

(c)    Marchantia    

(d)    Pogonatum


14. Circinate vernation, a characteristic of ferns is

(a)    Attachment of sori on leaves

(b)    Heterophylly

(c)    Coiling of young leaves

(d)    Arrangement of leaves on stem


15. Conifers are found in

(a)    Western Ghats    

(b)    Eastern Ghats

(c)    Rajasthan    

(d)    Himalayas


16. First land inhabiting plants are

(a)    Bryophytes    

(b)    Angiosperms

(c)    Pteridophytes    

(d)    Gymnosperms


17. The unequally thickened wall of fern sporangium that helps in dehiscence is

(a)    Indusium     

(b)    Placenta

(c)    Annulus    

(d)    Stomium


18. Match the columns I and II


Column I 


Column II 
















Tree fern




Walking fern 


(a)    (a) – (ii), (b) – (v), (c) – (iii), (d) – (i), (e) – (iv)

(b)    (a) – (v), (b) – (iv), (c) – (iii), (d) – (ii), (e) – (i)

(c)    (a) – (v), (b) – (i), (c) – (ii), (d) – (iv), (e) – (iii)

(d)    (a) – (iii), (b) – (ii), (c) – (i), (d) – (v), (e) – (iv)


19. In Pteridophytes, phloem is without

(a)    Sieve cells    

(b)    Sieve areas

(c)    Companion cells    

(d)    Albuminous cells


20. First vascular plants were

(a)    Thallophyta    

(b)    Bryophyta

(c)    Spermatophyta

(d)    Pteridophyta


Answer Keys for Gymnosperms and Angiosperms MCQ Practice Sheet 7

1.    b    2.    a    3.    d    4.    b    

5.    a    6.    c    7.    b    8.    b    

9.    c    10.    c    11.    a    12.    a    

13.    b    14.    c    15.    d    16.    a    

17.    c    18.    a    19.    c    20.    d

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