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Gymnosperms and Angiosperms MCQ Practice Sheet 6


1. Match the items of columns I and II


Peritrichous flagellation 




Living fossil 






Escherichia coli 


Sea lettuce 




Largest perennial alga 




(a)    (A) – (l), (B) – (j), (C) – (m), (D) – (n), (E) – (k)

(b)    (A) – (k), (B) – (j), (C) – (l), (D) – (m), (E) – (n)

(c)    (A) – (m), (B) – (l), (C) – (k), (D) – (n), (E) – (j)

(d)    (A) – (j), (B) – (m), (C) – (n), (D) – (l), (E) – (k)


2. Dispersal of spores of ferns takes place through

(a)    Annulus    

(b)    Stomium

(c)    Both a and b    

(d)    Indusium


3. Which one has good capacity of absorbing water, used in place of cotton and as a fuel?

(a)    Marchantia    

(b)    Riccia

(c)    Sphagnum    

(d)    Funaria


4. Most primitive member in which roots are not present is

(a)    Equisetum    

(b)    Rhynia

(c)    Lycopodium    

(d)    Selaginella


5. Which is not a feature of Gymnosperms?

(a)    Parallel venation

(b)    Perennial nature

(c)    Dimorphic branches

(d)    Dominent gametophyte


6. In mosses conducting tissue is

(a)    Phloem    

(b)    Parenchyma

(c)    Xylem    

(d)    Coloured cells


7. In Ulothrix, meiosis occurs in

(a)    Holdfast    

(b)    Zygote

(c)    Zoospores

(d)    Cells of filament


8. Sea Weeds are a source of

(a)    Chlorine    

(b)    Fluorine

(c)    Bromine    

(d)    Iodine


9. A microsporophyll of Pinus has

(a)    Two adaxial microsporangia

(b)    Two abaxial microsporangia

(c)    One abaxial microsporangium

(d)    Four abaxial microsporangia


10. Which is not true of Pinus

(a)    Three needles in spur of P. roxburghii

(b)    Xylem is towards inner side of vascular bundles of stem

(c)    Homosprorous gymnosperm

(d)    Megasporophyll has ovules


11. Both heterospory and circinate ptyxis occur in

(a)    Dryopteris    

(b)    Pinus

(c)    Cycas    

(d)    Funaria


12. Prothallus of Dryopteris is ………… and bears archegonia ………….

(a)    Sporophyte dorsally    

(b)    Sporophyte ventrally

(c)    Gameophyte dorsally    

(d)    Gametophyte ventrally


13. Which amongst the following are not seed producers

(a)    Fern and Funaria

(b)    Funaria and Ficus

(c)    Ficus and Chlamydomonas    

(d)    Punica and Pinus


14. Gymnosperms are naked seeded plants because

(a)    There is no fruit    

(b)    There is no ovule

(c)    There is no fertilization    

(d)    There is no ovary and fruit


15. Evidence of aquatic ancestry of bryophytes is

(a)    Gametophytic plant body

(b)    Ciliated sperms

(c)    Peristome teeth

(d)    All the above


16. What is exclusive for angiosperms

(a)    Vessels    

(b)    Secondary growth

(c)    Double fertilisation    

(d)    Autotrophic nature


17. What is correct

(a)    Bryophytes are vascular cryptogams

(b)    Pteridophytes are homogenous group of tracheophytes

(c)    Cordaitales grow in gymnosperm forests

(d)    Gymnosperms are spermatophytes with naked seeds


18. Possible advantage of antheridia occurring on the under surface for fern prothallus is

(a)    Protection from wind

(b)    Protection from direct rays

(c)    Easy diffusion of nutrients from prothallus

(d)    Accumulation of capillary water


19. What is true about foliage of Cycas

(a)    Palmate and pinnate foliage leaves

(b)    Brown scales and pinnate green foliage leaves

(c)    Oblong and long leaves

(d)    Green and scaly leaves


20. Plant body of Funaria is

(a)    Completely sporophyte

(b)    Completely gametophyte

(c)    Predominantly sporophyte with gametophyte

(d)    Predominantly gametophyte with sporophyte


Answer Keys for Gymnosperms and Angiosperms MCQ Practice Sheet 6

1.    a    2.    c    3.    c    4.    b    

5.    d    6.    b    7.    b    8.    d    

9.    b    10.    c    11.    c    12.    d    

13.    a    14.    d    15.    b    16.    c    

17.    d    18.    d    19.    b    20.    b

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