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Gymnosperms and Angiosperms MCQ Practice Sheet 5


1. In gymnosperms, the endosperm is

(a)    Triploid    

(b)    Haploid

(c)    Diploid    

(d)    Tetraploid


2. Winged pollen grains are found in

(a)    Cycas    

(b)    Mango

(c)    Pinus    

(d)    Dryopteris


3. Which one is most advanced from evolutionary view point?

(a)    Selaginella    

(b)    Funaria

(c)    Chlamydomonas    

(d)    Pinus


4. Time interval between pollination and fertilization in Pinus is

(a)    A few hours    

(b)    A few days

(c)    A few weeks    

(d)    About an year


5. Number of cotyledons in Zea, Cycas and Pinus are respectively

(a)    1, 2, 2    

(b)    1, 1, 2

(c)    1, 2, many    

(d)    2, 2, many


6. Which is gametophyte in Pinus?

(a)    Male and female cones

(b)    Micro and megaspores

(c)    Zygote

(d)    Pinus plant


7. A gymnosperm leaf carries 16 chromosomes. Number of chromosomes in its endosperm shall be

(a)    16    

(b)    24

(c)    12    

(d)    8


8. Pollination in Cycas takes place at how many celled stage of male gametophyte?

(a)    One    

(b)    Two

(c)    Three    

(d)    Four


9. Find out of the similarity between gymnosperms and angiosperms

(a)    Naked ovules    

(b)    Polyembryony

(c)    Double fertilization    

(d)    Siphonogamy


10. Gymnosperms are characterized by

(a)    Multiflagellate sperms

(b)    Naked seeds

(c)    Winged seeds

(d)    Seeds inside fruits


11. Number of species belonging to gymnosperms is

(a)    900    

(b)    1000

(c)    700    

(d)    800


12. Which one is a living fossil?

(a)    Pinus    

(b)    Gnetum

(c)    Ginkgo    

(d)    Riccia


13. Cycas resembles angiosperms in having

(a)    Circinate vernation in leaves

(b)    Vessels

(c)    Motile sperms

(d)    Ovules


14. Gymnosperm seeds are naked due to lack of

(a)    Pericarp    

(b)    Perianth

(c)    Nucellus    

(d)    Integuments


15. In Pinus male and female cones occur

(a)    On the same branch

(b)    On different branches of the same plant

(c)    On different plants    

(d)    On the trunk


16. Microsporangia occur on the microsporophyll of Cycas on

(a)    Abaxial side    

(b)    Adaxial side

(c)    Axils    

(d)    Margins


17. Maiden hair tree is

(a)    Araucaria    

(b)    Thuja

(c)    Ginkgo    

(d)    Pinus


18. Pinus is

(a)    Dioecious    

(b)    Monoecious

(c)    Unisexual    

(d)    Both (b) and (c)


19. Pinus seed is

(a)    Non endospermic and monocotyledonous

(b)    Abaxial and rounded

(c)    Adaxial and endospermic

(d)    Hypogeal and non endospermic


20. Which is haploid in gymnosperms?

(a)    Pollen grain, megaspore and root

(b)    Megaspore mother cell, root and leaf

(c)    Endosperm, pollen grain and megaspore

(d)    Pollen grain, megaspore and Nucellus


Answer Keys for Gymnosperms and Angiosperms MCQ Practice Sheet 5

1.    b    2.    c    3.    d    4.    d    

5.    c    6.    b    7.    d    8.    c    

9.    d    10.    b    11.    a    12.    c    

13.    d    14.    a    15.    b    16.    a    

17.    c    18.    b    19.    c    20.    c

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