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Gymnosperms and Angiosperms MCQ Practice Sheet 3


1. The colour of brown algae is due to

(a)    Carotenes    

(b)    Phycocyanin

(c)    Phycoerythrin    

(d)    Fucoxanthin.


2. Agar is obtained from

(a)    Gelidium    

(b)    Laminaria

(c)    Porphyra    

(d)    Sargassum.


3. Alga that yields alginic acid is

(a)    Gelidium    

(b)    Laminaria

(c)    Volvox    

(d)    Ulva.


4. A parasitic alga is

(a)    Porphyra    

(b)    Ulothrix

(c)    Harveyella    

(d)    Laminaria.


5. The largest alga is

(a)    Fucus    

(b)    Macrocystis

(c)    Laminaria    

(d)    Sargassum.


6. Flagellated cells are absent in

(a)    Chlamydomonas    

(b)    Red algae

(c)    Brown algae    

(d)    Green algae.


7. A floating brown alga that covers thousands of hectares of sea in Atlantic ocean is

(a)    Fucus    

(b)    Dictyota

(c)    Nereocystis    

(d)    Sargassum.


8. In green algae meiosis occurs in

(a)    sporangia    

(b)    gametangia

(c)    zoospore    

(d)    zygospore.


9. Chloroplast of Ulothrix is

(a)    Stellate

(b)    Laminate

(c)    Ribbon shaped and spirally coiled

(d)    Girdle shaped.


10. Trumpet hyphae of certain brown algae are similar to

(a)    Tracheae    

(b)    Tracheids

(c)    Sieve tubes    

(d)    Companion cells.


11. Ulothrix is

(a)    Attaced unbranced filament

(b)    Attached branched filament

(c)    Colonial alga

(d)    Free floating.


12. Alga showing scalariform conjugation is

(a)    Oedogonium    

(b)    Spirogyra

(c)    Chlamydomonas    

(d)    Ulothrix.


13. The product of conjugation in Spirogyra or fertilization of Chlamydomonas is

(a)    Zygospore    

(b)    Zoospore

(c)    Oosphere    

(d)    Carpospore


14. In Spirogyra sexual reproduction involves the fusion of

(a)    Two dissimilar non-motile gametes

(b)    Two dissimilar motile gametes

(c)    One motile and one non-motile gametes

(d)    Two similar motile gametes.


15. An alga which can be possibly used in space flight (space alga) is

(a)    Nostoc     

(b)    Chlorella

(c)    Ulothrix    

(d)    Spirogyra.


16. Chloroplast of Chlamydomonas is

(a)    Stellate    

(b)    Cup shaped

(c)    Collar shaped    

(d)    Spiral.


17. Parasitic alga infecting tea leaves?

(a)    Cephaleuros    

(b)    Sargassum

(c)    Oedogonium    

(d)    Ulothrix.


18. In Ulothrix the cell contains

(a)    Many chloroplasts with many pyrenoids

(b)    A chloroplast with a few pyrenoids

(c)    A few chloroplasts with many pyrenoids

(d)    Many chloroplasts with a few pyrenoids.


19. In Chlorophyceae, sexual reproduction occurs by

(a)    Isogamy and anisogamy

(b)    Isogamy, anisogamy and oogamy

(c)    Oogamy only

(d)    Anisogamy and oogamy.


20. The storage product of Rhodophyceae is

(a)    Glycogen    

(b)    Chrysolaminarin

(c)    Starch    

(d)    Floridean starch.


Answer Keys for Gymnosperms and Angiosperms MCQ Practice Sheet 3

1.    d    2.    a    3.    b    4.    c    

5.    b    6.    b    7.    d    8.    d    

9.    d    10.    c    11.    a    12.    b    

13.    a    14.    c    15.    b    16.    b    

17.    a    18.    b    19.    b    20.    d

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