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Gymnosperms and Angiosperms MCQ Practice Sheet 11


1. Pollination in Cycas occurs at how many celled stage of pollen grain?     

(a)    One    

(b)    Two

(c)    Three    

(d)    Four


2. Cycas wood is    

(a)    Monoxylic and Mannoxylic

(b)    Polyxylic and Pycnoxylic

(c)    Monoxylic and Pycnoxylic

(d)    Polyxylic and Mannoxylic


3. Wings in Pinus seeds devlop from    

(a)    Exine    

(b)    Intine

(c)    Ovuliferous scale    

(d)    Bract scale


4. Largest ovules are found in    

(a)    Cycas    

(b)    Pinus

(c)    Gnetum    

(d)    Ephedra


5. Which of the following structure is haploid in ovule of gymnosperms?     

(a)    Nucellus    

(b)    Endosperm

(c)    Integument    

(d)    Embryo


6. Maidan hair tree is    

(a)    Taxus    

(b)    Thuja

(c)    Ephedra    

(d)    Ginkgo


7. What is the true for Gymnosperms?     

(a)    Antheredia and archaegonia absunt

(b)    Antheredia and archaegonia present

(c)    Antheredia present but archaegonia absent

(d)    Antheredia absent but archaegonia present


8. Which of the following does not belong to gametophytic generation in Dryopteris?     

(a)    Spores    

(b)    Indusium

(c)    Prothallus    

(d)    Archaegonia


9. Male gametophyte in Selaginella is shed from parental sporophyte at    

(a)    Three celled stage    

(b)    Four celled stage

(c)    Single celled stage    

(d)    Thirteen celled stage


10. Meristeles are present in    

(a)    Selaginella    

(b)    Dryopteris

(c)    Both    

(d)    None of these


11. Neck canal cell in Dryopteris are    

(a)    Single uninucleated    

(b)    Single binucleated

(c)    Two uninucleated    

(d)    Two binucleated


12. What is present in cord moss?     

(a)    Vascular tissue    

(b)    Columella

(c)    Indusium    

(d)    Sporangia


13. Protonema is present in    

(a)    Riccia    

(b)    Anthoceros

(c)    Funaria    

(d)    All of these


14. What is the reserve food in brown algae?     

(a)    Laminarin    

(b)    Mannitol

(c)    Starch    

(d)    More than one correct


15. Simplest sporophyte in the plant kingdom is found in:     

(a)    Riccia    

(b)    Chlamydomonas

(c)    Ulothrix    

(d)    macrocystic


16. How many new filaments are formed from single zygospore in Spirogyra?     

(a)    One    

(b)    Two

(c)    Four    

(d)    Many


17. Red rust of tea disease is caused by    

(a)    Red algae    

(b)    Brown algae

(c)    Green algae    

(d)    Blue green algae


18. How many peristamial teeth are present in Funaria?     

(a)    32 in one rings    

(b)    16 in one ring

(c)    32 in two rings    

(d)    16 in two rings


19. Trumpet hyphae are found in:     

(a)    Fungi    

(b)    Protista

(c)    Brown algae    

(d)    Moss


20. Which of the following helps in spore dispersal in Marchantia?     

(a)    Protonema    

(b)    Operculum

(c)    Elater    

(d)    Peristome


Answer Keys for Gymnosperms and Angiosperms MCQ Practice Sheet 11

1.    c    2.    d    3.    c    4.    a    

5.    b    6.    d    7.    d    8.    b    

9.    d    10.    b    11.    b    12.    b    

13.    c    14.    d    15.    a    16.    a    

17.    c    18.    c    19.    c    20.    c

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