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Gymnosperms and Angiosperms MCQ Practice Sheet 10


1. In Gymnosperms, the haploid structures are    

(a)    Megaspore, endosperm and embryo

(b)    Megaspore, pollen grain and endosperm

(c)    Megaspore, integument and root

(d)    Pollen grain, leaf and root


2. Cycas has the largest    

(a)    Ovule    

(b)    Egg

(c)    Sperm    

(d)    All the above


3. Cycas is    

(a)    Hermaphrodite    

(b)    Dioecious

(c)    Monoecious    

(d)    None of above


4. Wood of Cycas is    

(a)    Monoxylic and mannoxylic

(b)    Mannoxylic and polyxylic

(c)    Pycnoxylic and Monoxylic

(d)    Pycnoxylic and Polyxylic


5. In Cycas, the ovules are attached to megasporophyll    

(a)    Laterally    

(b)    Dorsally

(c)    Ventrally    

(d)    Apically


6. Time interval between pollination and fertilization in Cycas is    

(a)    One month    

(b)    2–3 months

(c)    4–5 months    

(d)    6–12 months


7. Cycas contains    

(a)    Mucilage ducts    

(b)    Laticiferous vessels

(c)    Resin ducts    

(d)    Oil ducts


8. Pollen grain of Cycas are shed at stage    

(a)    One–celled    

(b)    Two–celled

(c)    Three–celled    

(d)    Four–celled


9. Largest cones are those of    

(a)    Pinus    

(b)    Selaginella

(c)    Dryopteris    

(d)    Cycas


10. In Cycas, pollination is by    

(a)    Wind    

(b)    Insect

(c)    Water    

(d)    Both a and b


11. Cycas is living fossil as it has    

(a)    Growth for several years

(b)    Structure like that of Tree Fern

(c)    Restricted occurrence in certain areas

(d)    Been found in fossil state also


12 The suffix–sperm in gymnosperms and angiosperms indicates    

(a)    Sporophylls    

(b)    Ovules and seeds

(c)    Motile sperms    

(d)    Nonmotile sperms


13. Male gametes of cycads are    

(a)    Rounded and nonciliate

(b)    Sickle-shaped biflagellate

(c)    Boat-Shaped nonciliate

(d)    Large, top–like, spirally twisted with cilia


14. In Cycas, the endosperm is    

(a)    Sporophytic structure

(b)    Gametophytic structure

(c)    New structure

(d)    Formed after fertilization


15. Cycas and ferns resemble in possessing    

(a)    Circinate vernation    

(b)    Pollen tube

(c)    Ovule    

(d)    Seeds


16. External water is not required for fertilization in    

(a)    Ferns    

(b)    Moss

(c)    Ulothrix    

(d)    Gymnosperms


17. Neck canal cell is absent in the archegonium of    

(a)    Funaria    

(b)    Cycas

(c)    Dryopteris    

(d)    All pteridophytes


18. Coralloid roots of Cycas possess a symbiotic alga    

(a)    Aulosira    

(b)    Spirogyra

(c)    Ulothrix    

(d)    Anabaena


19. Coralloid roots help Cycas in    

(a)    Fixation of nitrogen

(b)    Absorption of water

(c)    Absorption of minerals

(d)    Respiration


20. A gymnosperm leaf carries 16 chromosomes. Number of chromosomes in its endosperm shall be    

(a)    16    

(b)    24

(c)    32    

(d)    8


Answer Keys for Gymnosperms and Angiosperms MCQ Practice Sheet 10

1.    b    2.    d    3.    b    4.    b    

5.    a    6.    c    7.    a    8.    c    

9.    d    10.    a    11.    c    12.    b    

13.    d    14.    b    15.    a    16.    d    

17.    b    18.    d    19.    a    20.    d

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